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At IFLEET, we believe in harnessing the power of convergence to deliver improved business solutions that comply with your existing business needs in a plug-and-play format. With IFLEET, you never feel that you are adopting a technology and need to invest heavily in capital expenses or go through a behavioural change in your organization Rather you enjoy doing the same business operations more simply and efficiently towards better productivity of your business and quick ROI for such investment. Read More

Efkon Group being the pioneer in designing traffic telematics On Board Unit (OBU) has executed many prestigious projects across the globe. The German Truck Tolling Project implemented by EFKON is one of the worlds largest traffic telematics project. This vast expertise in the domain of design and development of GPS/Satellite based telematics products along with detailed market survey and research of Indian market has led to the outcome of FLOBU R1.This German designed OBU is completely ensured for its ruggedness and...

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Application Service Provider Model

  • E TRAIL (Fleet Management)
  • BPO Employee Tracking
  • Consignment Tracking

Enterprise Model

  • Bus & PIS
  • Emergency Response
  • Utility Services

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  • Ujjain City Transport to have iFleet GPS Based Bus Tracking system with Passenger Information System
  • Tops Life Brigade deployed with iFleet's Emergency Response System
  • Toll Road rescue more efficient with iFleet on Kanpur Highway

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